Floodwaters rising in some parts of Reg. 10


The flood situation in Region 10 (Upper Demerara – Berbice) has not improved despite waters receding in other parts of the country.

Regional Chairman, Deron Adams, on Friday revealed that floodwaters have risen in several areas of the region.  During a telephone interview with the News Room, he stated that the floodwaters in Kwakwani still remain at their highest of over 10 feet, covering roads and some houses.

Flooding in Central Coomacka, Region 10.

Currently, the shelters at Kwakwani Primary and Secondary Schools house a total of 42 residents. He explained too that at Hururu points A and B, the water level rose a considerable amount, forcing authorities to consider tent shelters to accommodate affected residents there.

The shelters set up at the Forestry Compound and the Hururu Primary and Secondary Schools house 87 residents. Added to that, he said a new shelter may need to be identified and that will not likely be a government building.

At Landersville, floodwaters have risen an average of four inches after a bout of heavy rainfall on Thursday evening. At Malali and Great Fall, Adams said that the water levels remain high. However, reports coming in from Muritaro indicate that the water levels are rising and residents there may need to be relocated.

Residents are also flooded in Central Coomacka.

One of the flood-hit communities in Kwakwani, Region 10 (Photo: Richard Jagdeo/ June 5, 2021)

Adams was happy to report that the water level at Rockstone has dropped 12 inches; however, he noted that the shelters at the Guest House and Primary School need urgent supplies.

Those shelters currently house 10 occupants. Similarly, at Dalliwala floodwaters have receded. In this area, he said, affected farmers are in dire need of intervention.

Thus far, the region has received support from the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) to help mitigate the flooding situation. Added support is also provided by the Region 10 Disaster and Preparedness and Relief Committee.

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