Thandi McAllister says resigned from PNC because leadership ‘ill-suited’ for country


Attorney-at-law, Thandi McAllister, has confirmed her resignation from the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R), citing poor leadership of the party.

In a statement Monday afternoon, McAllister who served in the party for some 25 years, said she withdrew her membership effective June 15, 2021.

Although short, she did give a reason for doing so.

“After very careful and agonizing consideration, I concluded that the present direction of the leadership is ill-suited to the fulfillment of the aspirations of young people in Guyana, the enhancement of the party’s supporters, and the advancement of the nation,” she said.

McAllister said in this regard, she can no longer accompany a process that “in my view, has departed from serving the interests of the many who reposed faith in the PNC/R to champion their causes, and to offer constructive pathways for the development of our beloved Guyana.”

Thandi McAllister during the campaign in the run up to the March 2020 elections

The News Room understands that the letter of resignation was delivered directly to PNCR General Secretary Amna Ally on Tuesday last.

In the letter, which McAllister said was leaked by person(s) unknown at this time, she also resigned, with immediate effect, from the Central Executive Committee of the PNCR and from the Office of Regional Chairman in Region Three.

It comes amid a growing row amid PNC/R members, many of whom have openly criticised its leader, former President David Granger for admitting two newly formed parties – Guyana Nation Builders Movement and the Equal Rights and Justice Party – to the wider APNU Coalition, without consultation.

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  1. Matthew says

    This should scare the heck out of the PNC. If it doesn’t they have no hope whatsoever and they might as well put the ole Sawackoo back on the list.

    Fact of the matter is Ms Thandi McAllister is one of the very credible persons, bright and the type that should have been in the executive to bridge thru to younger persons. When people of this calibre leave ……you have nothing left.

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