CARICOM nationals, flight crews received ‘COVID’ vaccines in Guyana


Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony, on Tuesday, confirmed that several persons from countries across the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) have been vaccinated in Guyana.

While he did not provide a specific number for foreigners who were vaccinated here, he said Guyana always had an open policy – one that did not require persons to prove their citizenship before being vaccinated.

Dr Anthony was speaking during his daily COVID-19 update on Tuesday; he said the Trinidad based Caribbean Airlines had written to him, asking that the Ministry of Health assist with the vaccination of its staff.

“…and we agreed,” he said.

The Health Minister also did not provide details on when this agreement took effect but said health officials have been working with the airline to vaccinate its staff, many of whom arrived here from Trinidad.

Dr Anthony said because of the open policy to vaccination, he is sure that many other CARICOM nationals have also been vaccinated against the deadly virus.

“If they reside in Guyana, we don’t have a problem given them a vaccine,” he said.

This also means that the total number of vaccinated persons thus far also include foreigners.

On Tuesday, Dr Anthony said approximately 228, 337 people have received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in Guyana.

This, he said, accounts for just about 49.9% of the country’s adult population while just about 99, 764 people have received their second dose of the vaccines. That is approximately 20% of the adult population and just about half of the persons who have received their first dose.

“We still have a long way to go… we have quite a lot more work to do to get people to take the vaccines,” he added.

This appeal is being made with just about 100 vaccination sites operable on a daily basis.

Dr Anthony also said there has been a decline in vaccination uptake in some areas but noted it was largely because of the countrywide flooding.

With several hundred people due for the second dose of the Russian made Sputnik V vaccine, Guyana is dealing with a three-week running delay in the arrival of the vaccines here.

The vaccines are being procured through a supplier in the United Arab Emirates. While no explanation has been given for the delay, Dr Anthony has speculated that it may be because of the COVID-19 spike in Russia.

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  1. Matthew says

    If the Leader of the Opposite Position complains about this……shut him out. Exactly the right move by the Government and it is an argument that Guyana can use in efforts to get vaccines from the developed world. If we go insular how do we tell others to share?

    Thank you Dr Anthony and HE.

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