Errant motorists blamed for confusion at Sheriff Street roundabout


A sub-contractor working on the Sheriff Street roundabout in Georgetown has blamed the constant prolonged traffic disruptions at the intersection on errant motorists who he claimed are unaware of how to use it.

“The main problem is the drivers them,” Bharrat Ramsarran told the News Room on Wednesday. “Right now, some of them do not even understand the roundabout.”

A roundabout is a type of circular intersection or junction in which road traffic is permitted to flow in one direction around a central island, and priority is typically given to traffic already in the junction.

But what was observed at the Sherriff Street roundabout on Wednesday by the News Room was far from this description.

Construction ongoing at the Roundabout on Sheriff Street (Photo: News Room/June 23, 2021)

There have been a slew of complaints regarding the constant traffic disruptions at the site which is still under construction. Fingers were pointed at the Chinese contractor, Sinohydro Corporation Limited, however, Ramsarran said that that the drivers are solely at fault.

According to Ramsarran, these disruptions are mainly perpetrated by bus drivers, some of whom he said “bully their way” to get passengers and some even stop at the intersection to do so.

This statement was cemented when the News Room captured a minibus, BZZ #5830 stopping at the intersection to pick up a passenger while traffic flowed behind.

The minibus that stopped on the Sheriff Street roundabout to pick up a passenger (Photo: News Room/June 23, 2021)

Ramsarran, who was subcontracted to complete the construction of the pavements and drains, said that the intersection is missing vital traffic signs to help guide drivers. However, he explained that those cannot be placed until the road is capped a further two inches.

According to the contractor, a temporary bus stop should be placed in order to ease the congestion.

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  1. Matthew says

    He is correct…..many drivers do not understand the roundabout or the 2 lanes in it and thus it becomes a free for all. Of course buses are involved…..dey pun a hustle.

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