Rotary Club of Georgetown installs new Board of Directors


The Rotary Club of Georgetown, on June 19, 2021, installed its new Board of Directors for the year 2021-2022, under the leadership of President Ramona Singh.

The club celebrated its 62nd Anniversary on May 20, 2021, a significant milestone. Over these years the club has made notable contributions to society, such as the construction of the Convalescent Home, construction of water wells in areas such as Old England/Siberia and Coomacka; donation of a Bookmobile to the National Library; several medical outreaches and many other projects.

The Rotary Club of Georgetown was the creator of the Annual International Bar; many would recall the grandeur of this event that significantly contributed to the club.

New President Ramona Singh

Immediate Past President Clyde de Haas, thanked the outgoing Board of Directors for going the extra mile and significantly contributing to the achievements of the club over the past year.

He highlighted some of the projects in the just concluded year, which included the distribution of COVID-19 relief food hampers to various communities; distribution of school supplies to the Sophia Literacy Center through a collaboration with the Rotaract Club of Georgetown; food supplies to various senior citizens’ homes; donation to the Night Shelter and the distribution of hampers to various flood affected communities.

The Installation of its new Board of Directors, was yet another great way to continue its celebrations as the club continues to execute life changing projects.

President Ramona, in her acceptance, said: “It is a great honour to serve as President for Guyana’s prestigious club for the Rotary Year 2021/2022”.

She committed to leading her club through yet another successful year under the Rotary International Theme: “Serve to Change Lives.”

She further stated, “The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic undoubtedly has changed our lives and its accompanying challenges continue to plague us and the world over. It perhaps has resonated within all of us the volatility of many things, we may have overlooked in the past. Notwithstanding, it has provided Rotary with unique opportunities and new avenues for service.”

She indicated that her club will focus on executing service projects, in areas such as Mental Health and Wellness; Child Care and Welfare; Education and Agriculture among others.

In doing so, they will seek to form new strategic partnerships with institutions and agencies that are likeminded to bolster community involvement to allow for greater reach and impact.

The newly appointed President charged Rotarians to renew their commitment to the causes of Rotary as they continue to unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

The President concluded her remarks with a quote from Rotary’s Founder Paul Harris, “I would like to think that the pioneering days of Rotary have only just begun. There are just as many new things to be done as ever there were. Kaleidoscope changes are taking place, many of them without our will. Even to hang on to the fringe of this fast-changing world is about all most of us can do. Rotary simply must continue to pioneer or be left in the rear of progress.”

The Rotary Club of Georgetown wishes to express its appreciation to all of its sponsors, partners, and volunteers for their generous support over the years which has made their projects and activities successful. (Rotary Club of Georgetown Press Release)

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