Robotics enthusiast hoping to help ‘revolutionise’ education sector, needs help with tuition


Computer Studies graduate of the University of Guyana (UG) and robotics enthusiast, Farnaz Baksh, is keen on helping to revolutionise the local education sector in the coming years but for now, she is hoping to pursue her Master of Science degree in Robotics and Computer Engineering at the University of Tartu, in Estonia.

Baksh, who is 26 years old, has already been accepted to the university and as an international student, she was required to cover part of her tuition fees in advance. She has paid that sum but has since launched a ‘gofundme’ campaign to help fund the rest of her tuition.

Her tuition for the two years of studies amounts to about EUR 10,000 or US $10,000.

Explaining her reason for choosing this field of study, Baksh told the News Room that robots have fascinated her for as long as she can remember.

“This story is simple really.

“While growing up, I loved working on cars and trucks with my dad but couldn’t do that professionally. So I decided to study something that I could do professionally, but where I also felt close to my roots in engineering. I soon learned about the intersection of mechatronics & computer engineering, called robotics… I felt right at home.” 

And so, Baksh opted to study Computer Science at UG. While studying, she also became involved in the local robotics group, STEM Guyana, and was part of Guyana’s first team at an international robotics competition in 2017.

The robotics enthusiast also related that her undergraduate thesis, which is a requirement before a university student can complete their studies and graduate, focused on how machines can help humans better understand emotions, thereby resolving some very difficult mental conditions, such as learned helplessness.

When she graduated, Baksh received UG’s Council of the University Prize, which is awarded to the graduating student who has attained at least a ‘Pass with Credit’ and has made the greatest contribution in other areas of University activities.

Robotics enthusiast, Farnaz Baksh working on a project

“After graduating, I connected with my like-minded leading figures in the industry and decided to further my studies, fully pursuing robotics.

“Estonia seems like just about the safest, best place where I can continue learning and developing all the necessary skills and become an industry leader myself,” she underscored.

Meanwhile, the young woman said she is passionate about developing herself and putting what she learned into practice.

She is particularly keen on working with the upcoming generation of change-makers and innovators and believes that the expansive robotics industry can help her achieve this.

Importantly, she said, “… I’m interested in starting a tech business of my own, working towards revolutionizing the education sector with advancements in affective robotics technologies, such as my undergrad thesis demo.”

Out of hundreds of applications, Baksh was selected as one of only 20 to study at the University of Tartu. And, she believes studying will help her to pivot into further change-making efforts. Anyone willing to assist the robotics enthusiast can contact her on telephone number: +592 638 7689

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