Curfew, other ‘COVID’ measures extended for another month


As Guyana continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, now exceeding 20,000 infected people, the national curfew that commences at 22:30 hrs and ends at 04:00 hrs daily, and other safety measures will continue to be in effect throughout the entire month of July according to the updated Emergency COVID-19 Measures.

The updated measures, which are published in the Official Gazette, take effect from July 1 and last until July 31, unless otherwise amended or extended by the Minister of Health.

The COVID-19 Emergency Measures also stated that no person shall host, attend or visit a cinema, except a drive-in cinema; a private party; a banquet, ball or reception; a public hotel, swimming pool or waterpark; a wake or vigil; a club or discotheque; a meeting of any fraternal society, private or social club or civic association or organisation; or, any other social activity.

Gyms and fitness centres, restaurants and bars and places of worship are allowed to operate at a limited capacity, once all health and safety guidelines are in place. In the updated measures, as stated in prior measures.

As per these guidelines, the Lethem Crossing (at the Takutu Bridge) remains closed, except on Thursdays, where the crossing of essential goods and supplies is permitted. Flights to and from Brazil are still strictly prohibited, though borders are open for incoming and outgoing flights.

Flight operators are mandated to comply with any port health measures issued by the Ministry of Health and the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

The Moleson Creek crossing shall be allowed to operate three days per week, as determined by the Ministry of Public Works.

There is also a requirement to wear a face mask at a workplace. As in previous guidelines, the mask must be fitted to cover the nose, mouth and chin. Masks are to be worn when in public and when travelling in any vehicle.

Any person who fails to comply with any of these measures commits an offence under section 152 of the Public Health Ordinance and is liable on summary conviction to the penalty provided under that section.

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