Meet the NSC Commissioner Chateram Ramdihal


On May 20, 2021, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr., approved the appointments of six members to the Board of the National Sports Commission (NSC) for the next two years.

The Commission comprises Kashif Muhammad (Chairman), Bissoondyal Singh, Cristy Campbell, Dellon Davidson, Phillip Fernandes and Cheteram Ramdihal.

Singh is the current President of the Guyana Cricket Board; Campbell, President of the Lawn Tennis Association; Fernandes, President of Guyana Hockey Board; Ramdihal is a Chartered Accountant; and Davidson is a Private Consultant.

On May 30, the Commission, in consultation with the Minister, appointed President of the Guyana Boxing Association, Steve Ninvalle, the new Director of Sport.

Today we feature Chartered Accountant Chateram Ramdihal.

Chateram Ramdihal is popular at cricket for blowing the Conch Shell

Name: Chateram Ramdihal

Portfolio: Chartered Accountant

Chateram Ramdihal is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Audit Partner of his own accounting and auditing firm, CHATERAM RAMDIHAL, Chartered Accountants, Professional Services Firm.

His involvement in sport administration started with his appointment as Chief Accountant of the National Sports Commission, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, in 2004.

During his tenure as Accountant of the National Sports Commission, Ramdihal took charge of bringing the Commission’s audited financial statements up to date.

He was recognised for this achievement and awarded a commendation from the Chairman and Commissioners of the then National Sports Commission.

As an Accountant within the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Ramdihal played a critical role in preparing the financial plan and budget, which was incorporated into Guyana’s Bid Submission to the International Cricket Council to host Cricket World Cup 2007.

He was part of the bidding team which successfully made the presentation, resulting in Guyana being awarded Super Six matches of the Cricket World Cup 2007.

During the initial stage of planning for Cricket World Cup 2007, Ramdihal served in several roles such as Volunteer Manager and Logistics Coordinator before settling down to his main portfolio of Finance and Ticketing Manager.

As Finance Manager, his portfolio covered a wide range of services that demand effective financial management and accountability and ensuring that the Government of Guyana was only financing activities for which they were responsible as Host Venue.

The Accountant is an ardent sport fan, especially cricket, and is famous for blowing of the Conch Shell at cricket matches.

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