‘Police have abandoned the case’ – Family of murdered Shonette Dover cries for justice


It has been two months since the decomposed body of 20-year-old Lindener Shonette Dover was discovered buried in a shallow grave in her boyfriend’s backyard and her family is of the firm belief that the police have abandoned the case.

Dover’s grandmother, Constance Dover told the News Room Thursday that the family is still awaiting word from the police on the status of the investigations and the whereabouts of the prime suspect, 21-year-old Shaquawn Alleyne called “Iswe”.

“It seems as if Shonette was shot like a bird and drop down and that was it. We really do not know what is happening because nobody is telling us anything,” the woman said.

Wanted: Shaquawn Alleyne

“We are not in a position to tell how them [the police] what to do but they should be doing their jobs and going after the boy,” the grandmother told the News Room via telephone.

According to her, the family is looking for some form of closure as they have not been able to recover from Shonette’s gruesome murder.

“We need something, something to keep our mind at ease, so that we can be satisfied that something is happening but we are not getting this kind of information…is like they just take we and put we down in a corner,” the frustrated woman said.

The partly decomposed body of Shonette Dover, who was missing for more than three weeks, was unearthed in a sitting position in a shallow grave on April 30 at Alleyne’s backyard in Canvas City, Wismar Linden.

Alleyne allegedly shot her and buried her in his backyard in the presence of Dover’s 15-year-old sister sometime on April 3, 2021 – the last day she was seen alive.

The sister weeks later confessed to the police that she saw when Alleyne shot and killed her sister and then later buried her.

The child revealed that on the night the victim went ‘missing’, Alleyne was oiling “his brownish gun in the sister’s living room.” He then pointed the gun at Dover, who told him “he like play and he should put away that thing.”

The 15-year-old further revealed that she then heard a sound like a squib and Alleyne said: “oh shoots, I shoot that girl.”

According to the child, she saw her sister’s mouth open and blood on her face. She claimed she told Alleyne they should take her sister to the hospital but he said “no she dead already.”

In the days and weeks following the young woman’s disappearance and now revealed death, Alleyne was fervently searching for her and pleading for her return. But all this time, Alleyne had allegedly already killed her and buried her.

It is believed that Allenye fled to French Guiana after he reached out to a friend seeking help to flee the country, days after Dover was reported missing.

The child was subsequently charged with accessory after the fact.

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