Man arrested after trying to bribe police after cannabis found in his bedroom


A 25-year-old man of Wismar, Linden was arrested after trying to bribe officers who discovered a quantity of cannabis on his person.

According to the police report, ranks were conducting raids in Wismar on Thursday and went to the suspect’s home at around 14:20 hrs.

Police reportedly searched his bedroom and discovered a bulky plastic bag tucked under his bed. In it, ranks found 26 transparent ziplock bags that contained leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis.

When being cautioned about the offence, the suspect reportedly told the ranks “offica is just a couple bag weed”.

He was arrested and taken to the McKenzie Police Station; the suspected items were weighed and amounted to 88 grams.

According to the police report, while at the station, the suspect took out $33,900 from his right side pants pocket and handed it to the sergeant.

He reportedly told the sergeant “to take the money to finish the matter because he can’t leave his four-year-old daughter and go jail.”

Police said when the suspect was being cautioned about the bribery offence, he said “Sir, is just a chance I want fuh this weed, I gat a four-year-old girl child and I really sorry fuh pass the money”.

The money was lodged and the suspect was placed into custody as investigations continue.

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