Woman allegedly brutalised by cops but remanded to prison for assault


A woman who has alleged police assault was on Friday, July 02, 2021 taken to court by some of the same ranks against whom the allegation is made and was remanded to prison in spite of being visibly injured.

Ganeshwarie Elliott, 46, was cross-charged along with Luchra Adams – neighbour – on a claim that they both made threats against each other in an altercation on June 29, 2021. Adams also claimed that Elliott unlawfully assaulted her to cause bodily harm.

They appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Leron Daly.

Both women pleaded not guilty but while Elliott was remanded to prison until July 16, 2020, when the matter is called again, Adams was released on $10,000 bail.

Elliott, who reportedly has numerous matters before the court, was interviewed by Journalist, Travis Chase shortly before being charged and remanded.

In the interview, where she burst into tears several times, the woman claims to have been assaulted by Adams and several police ranks while at the East Le Penitence Police Station.

Her cry is for justice.

Elliott says Adams is a neighbour with whom she had a disagreement.

While at the station on June 29, she said the police apparently assumed sympathy with Adams and launched an attack on her.

The injured woman claimed that while being processed for bail, she was in conversation with her daughter when she overheard instructions being passed for her to be locked-up instead.

Elliott said a female rank approached her.

“She lash me in my back and because I chuck she, she start beating me… and then the police man come and snatch me and dragged me to the cell and put me inside,” the crying woman related.

Elliott even alleged to have been choked by one of the ranks at the police station until she fainted.

“I start making noise, my eyes was bleeding, I say I want the ambulance to go to the hospital… they making monkey motion, the police officer showing me finger.

“I ain’t go in there with no blood, is them beat me.

Them police they disrespectful, some of them nice and some of them unruly, they unruly and I want justice,” the woman told Chase.

She claims to have had a telephone conversation with Commander, Simon McBean who has promised to address her complaints.

Elliott says she has a medical report which is proof of her assault, still has a damaged piece of clothing she says was torn by the ranks and has a swollen, blood cloth right eye.

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