Odyssey Sightseeing Tours forges partnership with ECB


The Cricket Committees in Essequibo are set to have their development activities boosted from the substantial donations of cricket equipment made by Troy Khan, a manager of Odyssey Sightseeing Tours Guyana Inc.

The donation was made to Ryan Hercules, Chairman of the Special Sub-Committee for the Development of Essequibo’s Cricket, who received the equipment on behalf of the Area Committees of the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB).

Odyssey Sightseeing Tours Guyana Inc. is a well-known company that plies much of its trade in the Essequibo county. In brief remarks, Khan indicated that this company has a vast interest in the development of cricket in Guyana and that having been approached by the CDC of the GCB for support, they felt obliged to make this meaningful contribution.

He went on to state, that given the initial feedback on the needs of the Area Committees in Essequibo, members of his company decided that the donation of balls and scoring books will go a far way in assisting the Area Committees with running off cricket tournaments, particularly in recording and storing valuable data for future purposes such as player selection.

Hercules, in accepting the donation, commended Odyssey Tours on its substantial contribution, reiterating its value to cricket competitions and player selections in Essequibo.

He remarked that the gesture is a worthwhile one and that members of the Area committees of the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) are grateful for this donation.

Khan went on to say that with the cost of scorebooks and balls being offset, it will enable the Area Committees to place their limited finances in other areas required to conduct cricket competitions.

Territorial Development Officer of the GCB, Colin Stuart, expressed appreciation to Odyssey Sightseeing Tours Guyana Inc. for its substantial donation, which he indicated will certainly make a positive impact on Essequibo’s cricket.

He remarked that with corporate Guyana placing greater emphasis on the development of sport in Guyana, players and administrators are set to benefit from more structured approaches to player development. As such, the value of this contribution cannot be underestimated, he stated.

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