South Korea to help GRA modernise Customs Administration


The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) aided by the Korea Customs Service (KCS) – a tax organization in South Korea under the Ministry of Economy and Finance – has kick-started consultations for the modernisation of Guyana’s Customs Administration.

A press release from GRA on Friday stated that a delegation of six consultants from KCS arrived in Guyana on Sunday last in keeping with the previous aid agreement between it and GRA.

“The 50-day visit to Guyana is part of an effort to strengthen cooperation between GRA and KCS and concludes with the delivery of a final report which will recommend a future model for Guyana Customs,” GRA highlighted in the release.

During the visit, the KSC project team is expected to introduce UNI-PASS Korea’s e-customs clearance system which provides swift customs clearance, increases government revenue, connects various government and private parties to facilitate international trade, and ultimately contributes to the economic development of Korea and many other countries.

The team will also seminars on Korea’s Customs Administration to share its experience and know-how. Moreover, it is the hope that the eight-month consulting project will bring shifts in Guyana Customs administration in various fields, including risk management, cargo management, and item classification, and contribute to the automation of Guyana’s Customs administration.

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