400 ‘Lindeners’ get house lots; another 144 to get land titles and transports


By Vishani Ragobeer

As part of efforts to put a dent in the number of housing applications from residents of Region 10 (Upper Demerara- Berbice), 400 residents are receiving their house lots during a two-day exercise at Amelia’s Ward, Linden.

Additionally, some 144 land titles and transports will be distributed. The distribution of these house lots, titles, and transports are part of the “Dream Realised” initiative of the Ministry of Housing and Water; this is an ambitious undertaking of the PPP/C administration that is seeking to meet the housing needs of 50,000 Guyanese in five years.

At the opening of the distribution at Amelia’s Ward, Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal said that in under one year, some 4,700 house lots have been distributed already. But, he said that there is a sizable backlog of applications, with Region 10 alone consisting of 4,000 pending applications.

“Notwithstanding that you have persons who would not have been called for this initial distribution in the region, you can rest assured that you will be catered for in future allocations,” the Housing Minister said.

Police Officer, Trinette Gibbs, who was allocated a house lot at Lot 128 Amelia’s Ward Phase Four, said that she was overjoyed having applied since May 2017.

A section of the gathering the Ministry of Housing “Dream Realised” initiative in Linden (Photo: News Room/July 13, 2021)

“If they should show me (the land) now, I could start building,” Gibbs said excitedly.

She added, “I think this is a good thing because a lot of people waiting long and I would be glad if they could continue this.”

As part of the 2021/2022 budgetary allocation programme, Minister Croal also said that the ministry will be investing about $2.1 billion in housing alone.

“Those investments into the region, here in Amelia’s Ward, we are talking about under $300 million on housing alone,” he said.

Furthermore, some $1.7 billion will be spent to develop the necessary infrastructure – including roads, drainage, and utilities (water and electricity) – in the Amelia’s Ward area, where the current allocations are being made.

“…this is only the start,” he said, noting that the minimum works are expected to be completed as part of the 2021/2022 programme.

He also emphasised the government’s aim of meeting the housing needs of citizens, stating that with one’s own space, an individual would be able to develop and expand their life and livelihoods.

Minister Croal also underscored that the allocations are not merely to meet living and dwelling needs but are part of a wider drive to create “brick and mortar” communities. As such, he said that the housing development will be accompanied by the construction of schools, health centres, markets, vehicle terminals, and recreational spaces.

Janelle Small, receiving her land title from Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal on Tuesday (Photo: Vishani Ragobeer/ July 13, 2021)

Meanwhile, Minister within the Ministry of Housing, Susan Rodrigues told the gathering of soon-to-be homeowners that Tuesday’s distribution was more than the 360 allocations made to Region 10 over the past five years. And, she affirmed, there will be more allocations.

She also stated that the construction of the first 40 houses, which are part of the 1000 houses for the region, as announced by President Dr. Irfaan Ali, will soon commence.

Water works, such as the construction of wells, are also carded for Moblissa and the Coomacka Mines in Region 10, as well, according to Minister Rodrigues.

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