Manickchand slams APNU as ‘extremely bizarre’ for opposing education cash grant


Minister of Education Priya Manickchand on Tuesday night slammed the opposition for opposing and criticising the distribution of the education cash grants which entitles every public school student to $19,000.

General Secretary of the Guyana Teachers Union and APNU Parliamentarian Coretta McDonald posted on her Facebook page that “Headteachers, you were trained as an EDUCATOR not an Accounts Clerk! Distribution of cash to students/ pupils is not your responsibility!”

Teachers are being used to assist with, among other things, identifying parents of students from their schools if the need arises and general logistic operations.

“It is bizarre to me that any person or political party or any of their affiliates would object to Guyana’s families being assisted with $19,000 per child,” Manickchand stated on her Facebook page.

“But then it was bizarre too that Guyana was forced to wait 5 months after our election to have a legitimate Govt.

“The APNU/AFC just doesn’t do anything sensible, logical or lawful.”

Further, APNU Parliamentarian Anette Ferguson on a live programme on social media, also stated “tell us…in which country you see government doling out money calling it Because We Care.”

Minister Manickchand said that she believes that teachers will turn out to support the distribution exercise as they know what it will mean for families. She noted that teachers themselves with children in school will also benefit from the cash grant.

“Reject them (APNU/AFC) as they try to deny you this grant,” Manickchand stated.

“We are here. And we will bring you this goodness. Every public school child. Because we care! See you when I come into your community.”

Manickchand will be on the ground on the Essequibo Coast beginning on Wednesday for the start of the distribution of the cash grants. The distribution locations have been posted on social media and have been advertised in the areas where they will be distributed.

A full schedule is also being published.

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