Six arrested as 3:00 a.m raid unearths ammunition, ganja at Sophia house


Six persons, including two females, were arrested by the police in the wee hours of Tuesday following the discovery of a quantity of ganja and ammunition at a North Sophia, Greater Georgetown house.

A statement from Police Headquarters noted that the ranks were acting on information when they went to the house in Pike Street, North Sophia around 03:00 hrs.

Upon arrival, they cordoned off the house but while doing so it was observed that a black bulky plastic bag was thrown from a window of the house. The bag was retrieved and found to have a quantity of marijuana.

In the building, the six suspects were found but when the marijuana was shown to them, they all denied knowledge or ownership, police said. They were arrested, the house was searched and a large scale was found.

A further search was conducted on the immediate environs and outside of the yard, about 30 feet from the house, a black garbage plastic bag was seen between some bushes which contained another eight parcels of ganja.

Also, one white plastic bucket with a small rice bag containing 190 live .45 ammunition was unearthed.
The cannabis that was thrown from the window was weighed and it amounted to 55 grams while the eight parcels amounted to 13.166 kilograms.

All six persons remain in custody. They are a 30-year-old male and his 22-year-old reputed wife, a 28-year-old female and her 53-year-old reputed husband, a 28-year-old male, and another male (age not verified).

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