$52M Washer Pond road commissioned in Linden


Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill, on Tuesday, commissioned the new and improved Washer Pond Road in Linden, Region 10. The project was completed by the Special Projects Unit (SPU) within two weeks of the commencement date and the average total cost was $52M.

Added to the rehabilitation of the Washer Pond Road, paving and maintenance works were done in the township, specifically the Wismar and McKenzie Shores.

While delivering the feature address, Minister Edghill noted that the ministry faced a major drainage issue during the rehabilitation of the road, noting that the drains were clogged since the road was located in a valley.

However, after an assessment, a contractor was hired by the ministry to build additional drains and insert culverts on the two main turns.

Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill (right) and others inspect the new and improved Washer Pond Road in Linden, Region 10

The minister thanked the Mayor of Linden, Waneka Arindell and the Regional Chairman, Renis Morian for their collaboration in getting this project undertaken and their continued efforts in making sure that the use of the road is prescribed and controlled in a manner that is beneficial to the people of Guyana. He also expressed how pleased he was with the way the Guyana Police Force supported the ministry during and after the construction of the road.

Mayor Arindell conveyed how grateful the residents are for the new road and other works that the Ministry of Public Works have been doing so far. “Linden is grateful for this. This has been one of the major issues we have been facing for years and we are asking that those heavy-duty vehicles continue to use the bypass road, at least for one month until the RDC along with the Linden Town Council and the Police Force decides on how we move forward.”

Minister Edghill took the opportunity to inform the residents of region 10 of some of the other developments the ministry has planned for the town. Some of these majors works include the rehabilitation of the Linden\Soesdyke Highway, which will cost approximately $150M; the upgrading of 125km of the Linden\Lethem Road at a tune of US$190M; the construction of a new road from Orealla to Kwakwani and other urban and miscellaneous roads within the township of Linden.

“We want Linden to look good and all the people of Linden to be happy and to be able to drive in comfort. However, development comes in phases, so we ask for your understanding and patience,” Minister Edghill implored. (Ministry of Public Works press release)

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