Reg. 10 businesswoman, grandson robbed at gunpoint


A 57-year-old businesswoman was robbed of several cellphones and a quantity of jewellery at her grocery shop located near the Rockstone/ Mabura access road in Region 10 (Upper Demerara- Berbice) at around 22:00 hrs on Friday night.

According to a police report, the woman was in her shop with her grandson when three men rode up on two XR motorcycles without number plates.

One of the men, who was dressed in a grey hoodie and known to the woman, purchased a pack of cigarettes, two bottles of water, and a canned soft drink. Subsequently, he went back to the two other men, who were dressed in dark hoodies and dark-coloured jerseys with their faces exposed.  Police reported that the three men then started to smoke marijuana.

Subsequently, it was reported that the woman went into a room where she normally sleeps and saw the suspects ride off heading in the direction of Mabura. About 20 minutes later, however, her dogs began to bark continuously in the back yard which is surrounded by thick vegetation.

It was reported that the woman’s grandson armed himself with a cutlass and ventured outside into the dark when he was confronted by one of the suspects, whom he reportedly knows from Kuru Kuru, on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway. This known character choked the woman’s grandson and pointed a handgun to his head.

The two other men who were part of the trio that visited the store earlier, emerged with their faces covered with black jerseys and were armed with handguns.

It was reported that the trio then took the grandson to the shop and told him not to make any noise and then barged in and confronted the owner. They instructed her to lay down and she complied.

The bandits then removed her jewellery and went to the shop counter where her money bowl was along with a number of other items. They grabbed those items, ran out of the shop, and escaped through the back of the shop into the dark.

Police reported that the items taken include: one Samsung Note 5 cellular phone valued at $90,000; one BLU smartphone valued at $22,000; one Logic Smart phone valued at $26,000; one Ique phone valued at $6,000; a Blue cellular phone valued at $20,000; three $500 GTT phone cards; one gold chain valued at $150,000; a gold ring valued at $60,000 and six gold studs valued at $30,000.

Meanwhile, after the three men escaped, the woman raised an alarm and alerted a car driver who made efforts to apprehend them. Those efforts were futile as the men rode away with their motorcycles further in the trail.

Subsequently, officers from the Mabura Police Outpost were summoned and they have been making checks for the suspects.

Investigations are continuing.

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