Operating theatres, modern ICU for Mabaruma Hospital

‘SMART’ hospital project slated for August month end completion


The ‘SMART’ hospital project ongoing at the Mabaruma Regional Hospital in Region One is slated for completion at the end of August, Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony said on Tuesday.

The “smart” hospital initiative is funded by the United Kingdom government and supervised by the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO). It is designed to allow for safe, efficient and “green” systems.

Dr Anthony said the project involves re-engineering and redesigning sections of the hospital. To date, a modern kitchen has been completed at the hospital.

Two operating theatres – a small and large – once completed will allow for complicated and minor surgeries to be done at the hospital.

A sterilization room as well as a modern intensive care room and a recovery room are also part of the project. Additionally, a new accident and emergency (A&E) section is being developed at the hospital.

“It would entail having critical beds in the A&E area for patients who would need nebulizing if they come in with asthma or something like that,” Dr Anthony said.

The outpatient facilities in the hospital are also being refurbished along with a new area for a pharmacy.

The minister said all these improvements would help the hospital to run more efficiently and offer better medical services.

Meanwhile, aside from the smart upgrades at the hospital, Dr Anthony said the government has also being investing in the compound of the hospital.

A vaccination centre was completed last year to store vaccines for COVID-19 and other vaccines. Living quarters for doctors is also ongoing and should be completed by mid-2022.

Recently, living quarters for nurses was completed while another building will be established to serve as regional bond for medicines.

The living quarters would allow more doctors and nurses to be housed at the hospital, which would further expand medical services to the people of the Mabaruma.

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