Central Fire Station to be moved to Homestretch Avenue – Min. Benn


Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn on Wednesday announced that the new and improved Central Fire Station is set to be constructed on Homestretch Avenue to cater for the massive development Guyana is set to undergo.

The Minister made the announcement during a Fire Advisory Board training session at the Guyana Police Force’s Training Centre.

Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn [News Room photo/ November 23, 2020]
Pressed for further details, Minister Benn told reporters on the sidelines of the event that the government took into consideration the current congested Stabroek Market area and further the future development set to take place in that area before deciding on the move.

Added to that, the Minister noted that the development pattern of the capital city has also moved.

“…So the best place [for the Fire Station] should be open lands to take in the number of new assets that we have acquired, the operating spaces needed and the fact that we have to cater for future development beyond what we are even contemplating now,” Minister Benn explained.

“It means that we needed to have adequate space so we will be putting the new Fire Station at Homestretch.”

The Home Affairs Minister said as well that all of the supporting units currently housed at the West Ruimveldt location will be moved over to Homestretch, “to have all the main activities in one place.”

“That means that the Emergency Services, the Ambulances, will be moved to that new location,” Minister Benn added.

He said that the new Central Fire Station is expected to be housed next to Durban Park. A comprehensive plan is currently being compiled.

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