Bus driver escapes after slamming into pedal cyclist


A 34-year-old pedal cyclist of Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice is now hospitalised after a bus slammed into him while allegedly trying to overtake another vehicle.

The accident occurred at around 15:40hrs on the Bath Settlement Public Road on Wednesday.

The injured pedal cyclist, Davanand Manroop, told police that he was on the northern side of the public road when he observed a black minibus proceeding east on the northern drive lane overtake a white motorcar on a bridge, reportedly at a fast rate.

After overtaking, Manroop said that the bus slammed into him and drove away from the scene.

After the collision, the injured pedal cyclist was then picked up in a conscious condition by public-spirited citizens and taken to Fort Wellington Public Hospital where he was admitted.

Investigations are ongoing.

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