Fire Chief tells businesses to install sprinkler systems, correct extinguishers


With Guyana seeing massive construction because of investments associated with the oil and gas sector, Fire Chief Kalamadeen Edoo has underscored the need for buildings to be outfitted with the requisite fire safety equipment in the event that disaster strikes.

“We must tackle this dilemma from every angle, and that is why you, the business people must construct your building with fire safety in mind,” the Fire Chief told a crowd of businessmen and stakeholders at an outreach programme hosted by the Fire Advisory Board on Wednesday.

“It is therefore necessary that you help suppress and prevent fires…our advice to you, install smoke detectors, the correct fire extinguishers, riser mains and sprinkler systems are very critical to help detect and overpower any outbreak of fire in the beginning stage,” Edoo advised further.

Fire Chief, Kamaladeen Edoo (Photo: News Room/ July 28, 2021)

Speaking at the outreach held at the Guyana Police Force Training Centre, the Fire Chief outlined to the stakeholders that it is imperative for their building structures, or other assets, to be constructed in conformity with internationally recognised safety standards.

“…and of equal importance, ensure that they are fitted with requisite fire protection devices and systems, as well as the adaptation of the required building codes,” he added.

He stated that while the Guyana Fire Service and the Fire Advisory Board will play their role in educating the public on fire prevention, the onus is also on the owners to ensure that they take the necessary steps to prevent disaster.

“Fire safety is of great importance to all because whenever there is a fire that involves properties, there is always the possibility of millions being lost, life being affected, families being displaced, persons been hospitalized due to stress, or other factors.

Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn, who was also at the outreach, noted that the Ministry has been working to ensure that it acquires the necessary firefighting equipment for the Guyana Fire Service.

Home Affairs Minister, Robeson Benn (Photo: News Room/ July 28, 2021)

He said the only recently the Ministry acquired five brand new fire tenders to further boost firefighting services in Guyana.

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