President again commits to honour those who fought for democracy


President Irfaan Ali on Monday again pledged to honour those who helped in securing the swearing in of his government a year ago in the face of a glaring five-month attempt by the former APNU+AFC government, in collusion with senior functionaries of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), to rig the elections and stay in power.

“I hope and pray that never again will our people have to endure the agonising and fearful ordeal that we suffered for five months from March 2, 2020 to August 2, 2020… Never again.”

He said that never again should the air of freedom that we breathe, “be poisoned by the noxious fumes of electoral malpractice, and fraud.”

“Never again should our integrity as a nation be threatened” by those who sought to defy the will of the people and subvert democracy in their lust for personal power, he added.

He took the time to also commend those who lent a hand to Guyana’s fight for democracy and those “whose moral sense rejected electoral theft in favour of truth, transparency and trust.”

He said they honoured Guyana and so they must be honoured.

“I commend civil society, the Private Sector, our young people and the media for standing up for democracy.

“I acknowledge with thanks the important part played by members of our diaspora who made their voices heard…I thank CARICOM the Organisation of American States (OAS), the Commonwealth, and the international community for the steadfast support and for us to regain our rightful place in the global family of democratic nations.”

He singled out the American, UK, Canadian and EU governments for their support in ensuring democracy prevailed.

The Head of State said that those who attempted to pervert the course of democracy continue to “masquerade as paragons of virtue”.

In contrast, the President said over the past year, his administration has committed to “One Guyana”.

“I’ve made clear by words and by deeds, my deep and unswerving commitment to one Guyana: One People, One Nation, in which all persons are equal, with common rights, common entitlements, and shared benefits from the first day of my presidency.”

“I’ve insisted on and demonstrated a firm commitment to good governance and transparency to uphold and fundamental human rights, advancing equitable development for all.

“It is upon that platform of one Guyana for all Guyanese in equity and in opportunity that I will continue to carry out my duties, and the government will continue to, as we fulfill our obligations to all that.”

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