Boat captains freed of 2013 fatal accident


Two boat captains were on Tuesday freed of 10 counts of manslaughter in relation to the 2013 fatal boat accident at Mazaruni River, which claimed the life of several passengers.

Devon Thomas, called “Beast”, and Cabesh Persaud, called “Dube”, were on trial before Justice Simone Morris-Ramlall and a jury at the Essequibo High Court.

On Tuesday afternoon, the jury after deliberating, returned with the not guilty verdicts against the two men.

Justice Morris-Ramlall told the duo that they were acquitted of the 10 charges, which alleged that on January 22, 2013, in the county of Essequibo, they unlawfully killed Deon Moses, Ulrick Grimes, Christopher Ramnarine, Zahir Baksh; Brazilian national Francisco Olivera Alves, Kevon Ambrose, Keanu Amsterdam and his brother, Ricky Bobb; Jermanie Calisto, and Jewan Seeram.

The state was represented by prosecutor Tiffini Lyken, while the men were represented by attorneys-at-law Roger Yearwood and Dexter Todd.

A total of 20 witnesses testified during the trial.

L-R: Ricky Bobb, Kevon Ambrose and Ulrick Grimes

It is alleged that on the day in question, Thomas was the captain of a vessel called ‘Matheran’, which had 13 persons aboard, while Persaud was captain of the other boat called ‘Dube’ which had six passengers.

The vessels, which were traversing in full throttle, collided at Crab Falls in the Mazaruni River. Ten men died as a result of the accident, and several were injured.

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