Mechanic gunned down in Sophia


A 21-year-old mechanic of Dennis Street, Campbellville, Georgetown was killed after being shot multiple times Tuesday at about 17:50h, Police Headquarters reported.

Dead is Jaleel Leow. Police said the incident occurred at ‘B’ Field Sophia. Leow was shot four times by two gunmen known as “Big John” or “Double Clip” and “Brainer.” Police said the suspects are on the run.

According to the police report, Leow and others were liming at the house of another mechanic – Nigel Williams – when the two suspects approached on bicycles and armed with cutlasses. One of the suspects confronted Williams’ wife and said “is problem you want?”

The wife responded in the negative and started walking into her yard; her husband, Leow and others followed.

Police said one of the suspects then pulled out a handgun from his waist and shot Leow two times to the right upper back; Leow fell to the ground and the gunman then discharged two more rounds at him.

Smith, who was standing by the road side, was also shot to the upper right hand.

The gunmen then escaped on their bicycles.

Leow was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital while Smith was treated and sent away.
Investigations are ongoing.

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