Stiff penalties, including jail time, for those who try to forge vaccine cards


There will be stiff penalties, including possible jail time, for people who are found forging the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 vaccination cards.

This is according to the Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony who spoke to members of the media on Wednesday.

He said the Ministry has already received reports of people paying bribes for vaccination cards though they have not taken a COVID-19 vaccine.

“If we find anyone forging the card, then they face the full force of the law,” the Minister said sternly.

Earlier on Wednesday, he stated that Section 240 of Guyana’s Criminal Offences Act stated that forgery is an offence. Moreover, he said that an individual can be prosecuted for forgery and the fine if you are found guilty of forgery will be up to three years imprisonment.

As such, he stated, “If you forge a vaccination card you will be liable to this punishment.”

In June, a 49-year-old woman, who was scheduled to travel to the United States of America (USA), never made it onto the flight after she was arrested by police on Tuesday for forging her COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

Later on Wednesday, the Health Minister also called on members of the public to report any forgery of these vaccine cards.

He also related that as these COVID-19 vaccination “blue books” become increasingly necessary to access services, a digital vaccination certificate is under consideration.

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