Multi-million-dollar gold heist: Bandits posed as customers before executing robbery


The armed men who stormed a Gordon Street, Kitty, establishment on Thursday, carting off millions of dollars’ worth in gold had posed as costumers before executing the robbery.

CCTV footage obtained by the News Room showed that the robbery began at 10:05hrs.

A man, who appeared to be the teller, was attending to a masked male customer clad in a black t-shirt, with a bag, hat and pants on the same colour. He also wore a blue mask.

While he conversed with the teller, the suspect was constantly checking his phone and at one point, appeared to have been sending a message to someone. Shortly after, another male suspect entered the room.

He was clad in a white shirt, blue hat, and a blue and black shorts.

Shortly after his arrival, he opened the door to the room, and appeared to have signalled his other partner who quickly entered.

The third suspect was clad in white spotted shirt, khaki pants and was also wearing a hat and a mask.

CCTV footage showed that when third person arrived, the second suspect reached into his pocket and disappeared through the door, while the third suspect reached into his bag and pulled out what appeared to be a weapon.

The first suspect then proceeded to take out zip ties his from his bag which he then used to restrain the teller and the four disappeared through the corner door.

Further footage showed the third suspect returning and placing a gun along with the zip ties on the table, while he retrieved duct tape from his bag.

Footage from the room beyond showed the men accosting two other workers, a man and woman who had their hands in the air.

The men took them to the other room and then proceeded to ransack the office.

Before leaving, the men were seen placing duct tape to the woman’s mouth.

Details on the robbery still remain sketchy, but the News Room was informed that they managed to remove from the premises millions of dollars’ worth of gold.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the gold is worth in excess of $300 million and is the property of a well-known gold trader.

Investigations are still ongoing.

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