Sputnik vaccinated Guyanese will be allowed entry to CARICOM countries  


As more countries require only vaccinated persons to enter, Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states with the exception of Trinidad and Tobago have agreed to recognize persons who were vaccinated with the Russian made Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine.

This particular vaccine is yet to be granted approval by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Nonetheless, the vaccine is being granted emergency use authorization in countries around the world such as Argentina, Israel, Philippines and several European countries.

“In the Caribbean while some countries are not using the Sputnik V vaccine, the countries in the Caribbean have agreed that if you are vaccinated with Sputnik they will recognize it as a person receiving the vaccine and being fully vaccinated if you have both doses,” Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony said on Friday.

Some 150,000 first and second dosages of the Sputnik V vaccines were procured to further boost Guyana’s ongoing immunisation programme.

The vast majority of vaccinated Guyanese have received the Sputnik V vaccine.

India’s AstraZeneca and China’s Sinopharm vaccines are also available in Guyana.

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