Town Clerk says no plan to remove street vendors in Georgetown


See full statement from the Georgetown Mayor and City Council:

It has been brought to the attention of the Mayor and City Council, by concerned citizens, that certain individuals, bent on creating confusion and mischief, within the municipality, have been mobilizing street vendors to protest against the Council.

Those involved have informed sections of the vending population, in Georgetown, that the Town Clerk is preparing to remove them from doing business in the city.

It is a wicked plot to use street vendors to stir up trouble against the city.

However, the Council would like to let the public know that, there is no plan to remove or prevent vendors from doing their business and making their livelihood.

All vendors need to understand that, those who are spreading these lies are seeking to use them for their own selfish interest. They care little about vendors, many of whom are females and single parents working hard to maintain their children and others depending on them.

The Council is appealing to the vendors not to fall prey to the wiles of those, who are spreading lies to rile them up and cause them to lose business.

Town Clerk of the City of Georgetown

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  1. Matthew says

    Which “Town Clerk”……?

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