Influential Women Leaders Awards set to return in October


The 25 Influential Women Leaders Awards (25IWLA) returns with much anticipation this year, after a hiatus occasioned by the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The awards celebration will be held at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre as a vaccinated only event on Saturday, October 23rd, 2021.

These prestigious awards were inaugurated in 2019 by the dynamic team of female leaders and entrepreneurs in their own right, Michelle A. Nicholas of The NICO Consulting, Inc. and Lyndell Danzie-Black of CERULEAN Incorporated.

The unique award turns the spotlight on women, with 25 awardees being honoured for their passion and commitment to uplifting the business sector, their communities and society.

Nomination forms for women who fit the criteria for recognition at this event are available on the 25 Influential Women Leaders Awards Facebook page, and will be distributed widely through several organisations, the media and members of the public.

“Every Guyanese is encouraged to nominate those women leaders who have left such an indelible mark on their community, business, or organization,” 25IWLA said.

The nomination period will extend for one month from August 9th to September 10th, after which a panel of judges will have the arduous task of identifying the 25 women who will receive these awards in 2021.

“As the only forum for showcasing the immense contributions of women to our society, 25IWLA aims to recognise women leaders who have achieved successes in a wide range of fields, redress the under-representation of women and transform how women leaders are viewed in Guyana by highlighting their value, achievements and contributions,” 25IWLA added.

“25 Influential Women Leaders is the only award of its kind in Guyana to focus on women from a variety of sectors, rather than in a single industry, making the award a unique and important milestone in the recognition of women as leaders. Symmetry Brokerage and Logistics will serve as the 2021 Presenting Sponsor of this year’s award celebrations.”

Michelle A. Nicholas, Co-Creator of the Award and Founder/CEO of The NICO Consulting Inc., related her pleasure at the return of this landmark event.

“Though this past year presented unprecedented challenges, we remain committed to recognising and celebrating inspiring female leaders across Guyana. These women contribute to their organisations and communities, and really bring a sense of hope and excitement for the years to come.”

Speaking to the resilience on display by women in Guyana, she continued, “There is undoubtedly a need for equity and greater inclusion for women, as we continue to emerge as important leaders more broadly, considering the challenges we have faced in social justice, the environment, and healthcare. I am proud of the diverse set of voices represented in our 2019 nominees and honorees, and I’m truly looking forward to celebrating the 2021 changemakers.”

Lyndell Danzie-Black, Co-Creator of the Award and Managing Director of Cerulean Inc., also spoke to the importance of celebrating the resilience and achievements of women with recognition as bestowed by the 25IWLA.

“The resilience of women during this pandemic was particularly tested as more women continue to work on the frontline and so I am elated to host this award at this time to create a platform to celebrate women.  We see this as a great opportunity for corporate Guyana to celebrate and highlight the achievements of their women through this award.”

Meanwhile, Lloyd Bart, CEO, Symmetry Brokerage and Logistics, said: “Symmetry Brokerage and Logistics is pleased to be partnering with 25IWLA to recognise and celebrate, a formidable group of women leaders who are committed to the advancement of women’s rights to business and equity. They have demonstrated through their life and work, and their leadership in governance, diplomacy, social norm changes and political game changing for the gender equity and women’s empowerment cause, that women make a difference— not just a small difference but a big and critical one. Inclusivity is key for future development and we are proud to be involved in the process.”

While more than 350 people attended the inaugural gala in 2019, this year’s event will encompass a duality of form and function, with a smaller, vaccinated only in-person gala, but with an expansive presentation on live television and on social media platforms.

The organisers of this distinguished event have extended thanks to the sponsors of the 2019 activity and hope to encourage a continuation of support from those organisations and individuals, who included lead sponsor Strategic Recruitment Solutions Inc. as well as the Small Business Bureau, Camex Restaurants Inc. and Candela Systems Corporation USA.

“We also look forward to adding many new partners as together we honour not only these 25 women, but all women across Guyana.  Corporate Guyana is encouraged to participate through the nominations of outstanding female employees or associates within their companies, or even by purchasing sponsorship packages which will allow them to showcase the exemplary work women on their team during the live television and Facebook broadcast. Coming together, cheering each other on, is a true teambuilding opportunity,” 25IWLA stated.

For more information about nomination edibility and event sponsorship, visit the 25 Influential Women Leaders Award Facebook page @25Influentialwomenleadersaward, call 592-661-4838/592-674-0469 /592-647-8100, or email

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