Serious focus on ensuring every child can go to school- Finance Minister


Some $577 million cash will be distributed to parents whose children attend schools in Georgetown and Senior Minister within the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance Dr. Ashni Singh has said the grant is part of the dedication the government has to ensure that every child can go to school.

Dr Singh on Tuesday helped distribute the cash grants at Queen’s College in Georgetown.

Dr. Singh, an old student of the college, told the gathering of students, parents and teachers that many students who attend Queen’s College are privileged to have access to the sound secondary education provided at that school.

But he said that there are still many children in various places in Guyana who experience various challenges, which may prevent them from accessing a sound education. And this, he posited, must change.

A section of the students, parents and teachers at Queen’s College on Tuesday (Photo: Ministry of Finance/ August 10, 2021)

“We want to create a Guyana where every single child in every single region has a place in a high school and has a place in ensuring that they exit with a good quality education,” he said.

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