Driver shot while being robbed by bicycle bandit


A 59-year-old taxi driver is now nursing a gunshot wound to his abdomen after being robbed by an armed bicycle bandit in ‘C’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

Police reports indicate that the taxi driver made his usual journey to uplift an employee to transport to work at around 02:30hrs on Wednesday.

But as he was parked on the street, awaiting his passenger, the suspect reportedly rode up to his vehicle.

The suspect, according to police report, pulled a handgun from his waist and pointed it to the driver, demanding that he handed over his phone and cash.

While the driver was handing over his valuables, the suspect fired off a round which hit the driver to his right lower abdomen, police said.

The suspect then escaped with a wallet containing G$60,000 and a cellphone valued G$40,000.

The driver was taken to the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, where he underwent surgery and is now said to be in a stable condition.

Investigations are ongoing.

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