Lindeners protest against COVID vaccination


Scores of persons are protesting at the Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge in Linden, Region 10, a day after unvaccinated staff and those seeking medical attention were denied entry into the Linden Hospital Complex.

Protesters moved to block the bridge on Wednesday, Regional Commander Superintendent Hugh Winter confirmed to the News Room. The Commander said approximately 30 persons are standing at the access to the bridge.

Traffic across the bridge has now come to a halt with protesters chanting, “Gate lock! Bridge Lock!”

Among those protesting are taxi drivers, who, along with speed boat operators and minibus drivers, are now mandated to take a COVID-19 vaccine so they can operate.

The protest is being supported by Regional Chairman, Deron Adams, who has also said he is against the vaccines being mandatory.

Protesters were also heard chanting, “My body! My choice!” and “I have a right to choose; no mandatory vaccine.”

The government says the vaccines are not mandatory, but the new COVID-19 measures prevent unvaccinated persons from accessing certain facilities and services.

Unvaccinated persons are no longer allowed into ministries and government agencies except by appointment, while those vaccinated are urged to walk with their vaccination cards at all times.

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