Andrew Nestor elected new Rosignol United FC President


Members of the Rosignol United Football Club have elected a new President to serve the club in Andrew Nestor who defeated the incumbent, Travis Moore by two votes, 11-9. A total of 22 members attended the Annual General Meeting, which took place on August 8, 2021.

Performing duties as the Returning Officer was Berbice Football Association President, Sherwin Forde. Moore was then elected First Vice-President unopposed, as was the Second Vice-President, Dillon Morris.

No nominations were had for the Third Vice-President position; the new executive will now seek to fill this position.

The new Secretary is Godfrey Coward (elected un-opposed) and he takes over from the late Joseph Simon, who passed away recently. Simon served the club and the Berbice FA for many years with distinction.

The position of Treasurer would also have to be filled by the new executive as no nominations were put forward. The five Committee Members are Saffon Anthony, Kimoni Milne, Deandre Chesney, Shannon Wilson and Llamar Campbell.

No discussions took place with regards to the Secretary and Treasurer’s reports as no information was available.

The new President, Andrew Nestor, congratulated his colleagues for accepting the challenge to serve and shape a new and exciting future for the Club.

BFA President Sherwin Forde also congratulated the new body and pledged the continued support of his Association to the club.

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