Man who confesses to killing stepfather jailed for 10 years


A man who confessed to killing his step-father during a drinking spree in 2016 at the family’s  Bloomfield, Corentyne home was on Friday sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

Bisram Ramsamuj was sentenced by Justice Brassington Reynolds at the Berbice High Court. He was before the court to answer the capital offence of murder but opted to enter a guilty plea for the lesser count of manslaughter.

It was claimed that between May 8-9, 2016, he unlawfully killed Narain Shewnauth called “Hop-Hop.”  Ramsamuj was represented by attorney-at-law Ravindra Mohabir.

During the sentencing hearing on Friday, Prosecutor Abigail Gibbs urged the court to consider that a life was lost and the need to send a strong message to society that violence is never the way to resolve conflicts.

In his sentencing remarks, Justice Reynolds said “ the whole melee was an unfortunate family engagement,”  as he told Ramsamuj that he was led astray by his emotions on the day in question. The judge, after considering Ramsamuj’s plea and his favourable probation report, sentenced him to serve 10 years imprisonment.

According to reports, during the period in question, the family was imbibing in alcohol during which an argument ensued between Shewnauth and his stepson Ramsamuj.

In a fit of rage, Ramsamuj went into the kitchen, collected a cutlass and chopped Shewnauth to the head.

Shewnauth was rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Ramsamuj was arrested and later admitted to killing his step-father because the man provoked him.

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