PM, Sport Minister present lights to the Buxton Community Centre Ground


Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips, on Saturday afternoon handed over eight concrete lantern poles and 16 one thousand-watt lamps to the Buxton Community Centre Ground during a visit to the community. He was accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Charles Ramson Jr.

While meeting with members of the community at the ground, the Prime Minister reminded that the government’s support for all communities is an integral part of its developmental agenda.

“We have what we call a One Guyana approach to everything that we do. Every community will be involved in our developmental initiative…all our developmental projects are people-centred, whether it’s health, education, sports or infrastructural development; the entire Guyana will benefit from our programmes.”

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips, and Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr. (partly hidden) during a walkabout in the East Coast Demerara village

The senior government official encouraged the residents to organise themselves into a group to effectively manage the affairs of the Community Centre.

“As soon as possible, this ground will be rehabilitated, but what we need is for the community to organise yourself…to secure and maintain the facility that we provided for you. So, here is a case where we are providing, but we want you to come on board in partnership with us, so what is provided is available and maintained for the youths of your community.”

The equipment handed over was purchased from a G$10 million allocation by the government for the rehabilitation of the ground. It is one out of 25 other community grounds that have also received an allocation of G$10 million for enhancement works.

Sport Minister Charles Ramson Jr. addressing members of the community on Saturday

Minister Ramson Jr. pointed out that the money allocated for the development of the Buxton ground is being managed by the Regional Democratic Council, Region Four.

“Only a portion of the money has been spent so far, the remainder of the money is at the Regional Democratic Council. They are doing the procurement. So, today, for example, I saw some horses on the field, which means that there are some structural integrity issues in relation to the fence, so I’ve asked them to do a new fence there so that we wouldn’t have animals going on the field.”

The Minister added that shortly, his Ministry will also be donating a lawnmower to the community ground and will be facilitating several other upgrades.

Following the presentation, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Sport walked the access road to the community ground with the residents to examine the ongoing works being undertaken to resurface the street.

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