Shared culture, friendship hailed as India observes 75 years of Independence


As India observed 75 years of Independence on Sunday, Prime Minister Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips highlighted that India’s culture and friendship have added to the development of Guyana over the years.

The Prime Minister said this while speaking at an Independence day celebration held at the Swami Vivekananda Indian Cultural Centre in Georgetown on Sunday.

As the country celebrates its 75th anniversary as an independent nation, the Prime Minister underscored, “As one of the fastest growing economies in the world and with its vast potential in manufacturing and innovation, 75 years later, India stands as a shining example of the power that freedom, ideas, achievement, action and resolve can have on any country.”

Prime Minister Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips addressing the gathering (Photo: Office of the Prime Minister/ August 15, 2021)

Importantly, the Prime Minister said that the friendship between the two countries has fostered significant benefits for Guyana.

He highlighted that it was only a few months ago that the country made a generous donation of 80,000 AstraZeneca vaccines to bolster Guyana’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout.

The Prime Minister also related that the two countries have been partnering on a number of infrastructural projects, and in the areas of education and oil and gas.

The Prime Minister’s sentiments were echoed by other members of cabinet.

In fact, Acting Foreign Minister and Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony highlighted that the vaccine donations, coupled with the donation of other much-needed medical supplies, have helped to prevent many COVID-19 related hospitalisations and deaths.

Meanwhile, Indian High Commissioner to Guyana Dr K.J Srinivasa said that India should be counted as one of Guyana’s “stable friends”.

“India and Guyana have shared a lot and I believe that in the coming years we will be partners in progress,” the High Commissioner said.

He later added, “… we are very happy to share our expertise to upgrade skills, expand capacity and at the same time to see that Guyana gets the best of what it deserves”.

The Indian Arrival Monument at Palmyra, Berbice lit up in the colours of the Indian flag (Photo: Indian High Commission)

As part of the independence anniversary celebrations, the High Commission had also organised a flag-raising ceremony on Sunday morning, at Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre.

Additionally, the Indian Arrival Monument in Palmyra, Region Six, was illuminated in the colours of the Indian flag (orange, white and green) on Sunday.

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