Breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women can be exempted for vaccination


The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Narine Singh has stated that breastfeeding mothers who do not wish to be vaccinated can be exempted for a period of six months from the date of the delivery.

In a memorandum detailing the updated information for COVID-19 vaccination exemptions, the CMO however pointed out that there is no medical reason for a breastfeeding mother not to receive the vaccine during the breastfeeding period.

Still, it was related that an exemption for up to six months would be granted.

Meanwhile, the memorandum also stated that women who do not wish to be vaccinated for the duration of their pregnancy can also be exempted.

But he also highlighted that there is no medical reason advising pregnant women against getting vaccinated.

Both breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women are advised to seek clearance from their doctors if they do wish to get vaccinated.

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