Some healthcare workers still not vaccinated- Health Minister

- despite two-week grace period


Even though a two-week grace period was granted to healthcare workers to comply with the recently gazetted COVID-19 measures on vaccinations, many still have not taken the vaccine, said Health Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony.

“Healthcare workers are at a greater risk,” the Health Minister said, noting that they work directly on the frontlines to battle the pandemic. “If you are at higher risk, then obviously, you need to get protection.”

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony

As per the measures, unvaccinated persons will now be required to make an appointment to visit and transact business at any government ministry or agency.

Additionally, operators of public transportation, such as minibus operators, taxi drivers, and speedboat operators, will now be required to be fully vaccinated in order to continue to transport passengers.

The Minister acknowledged that some persons are unable to take the vaccines due to valid medical reasons and noted that there are others who may be hesitant.

However, he noted that information on the vaccines and their efficiency is available for their perusal.

Further, the Minister urged those unvaccinated healthcare workers to “take the jab.” If not, they would have no choice but to comply with the mandates outlined in the gazetted orders.

“It is going to be quite unfortunate that you will have vaccinated people who are protected and then unvaccinated people who would want to mingle with those people.”

And with the surge of the Delta strain of the virus, the Minister noted that he hopes healthcare workers would heed the measures and “get vaccinated.”

That two-week grace period would end on August 25.

Meanwhile, as of Wednesday, 296,057 persons received their first dose of either the Sputnik V, Sinopharm or AstraZeneca vaccines. This represents 57.7% of Guyana’s adult population.

Further, 152,433 persons or 29.7% of the population are considered fully vaccinated.

The percentages appear lower than what had been previously reported however, according to the Minister, this is due to revised population numbers.

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