Suriname businesses invited to set up locations in Guyana and vice versa


The Guyana government on Thursday said the country was open and impediments have been removed to allow for Surinamese businesses to set up locations in Guyana.

The bold commitment was stated by Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh on behalf of President Dr. Irfaan Ali and Suriname’s Head-of-State Chandrikpersad Santokhi during a working breakfast by the Guyana Private Sector Commission (PSC) on Thursday morning in Georgetown.

Dr. Singh pointed out that with several Surinamese businesses already here, a new optical entity from the neighbouring country was also slated to cut the ribbons and open its doors in the capital city on Thursday.

In welcoming Surinamese businesses to Guyana, the Minister also assured Guyanese businesses of similar opportunities in Suriname.

“We welcome Surinamese businesses establishing locations in Guyana, let them come and set up operations here…every single Guyanese company has an opportunity to do same in Suriname,” he said.

According to Dr. Singh, the official visit by President Santokhi and his delegation, which comprised largely of members of the Surinamese private sector, was timely.

This is so because both countries, he said, has bright and exciting economic prospects.

“We are at a unique juncture of both countries’ economic history; Guyana faces unprecedented economic prospects…our neighbour to the east is also on the cusp of exciting oil and gas development. We want every Surinamese company to see Guyana as a destination to set up operation,” Dr. Singh added.

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh makes a point during his remarks at the working breakfast on Thursday in Georgetown (Photo: Office of the President)

The Senior Minister said the two governments have worked over the last months to remove impediments to this process.

“We are working as governments together to achieve a reality where every Guyanese company can go and set up operation, not just market goods and services. Where there are impediments we are committed to removing those impediments,” he added.

Dr. Singh told the gathering at the Pegasus Hotel, Georgetown, that the Guyana government has made several interventions to ensure the environment is conducive to foreign investment such as removing punitive taxes.

He said the commitment is unshakable to ensuring that the private sector is the driver of growth and transformation.

President Santokhi is currently on an official four-day visit to Guyana. He is accompanied by his wife, senior members of his government and leading figures of the Surinamese private sector.

Santokhi, along with President Irfaan Ali, held several meetings on Wednesday and are expected to announce the fruits of those meeting later on Thursday.

There will also be the launch of the Guyana/Suriname Business Council and the signing of two agreements in agriculture and healthcare.

Meanwhile, also speaking at the event was Minister of Tourism Industry and Commerce Oneidge Walrond.

The Minister made a presentation on Guyana’s tourism product, assuring that there were high prospects to flow from a strategic partnership between the two countries.

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