Charge dismissed against driver accused of causing death of Police Officer

- Families reach $5M settlement


The charge against Towanda Clarke, the driver accused of causing the death of Police Officer Carl Roach by dangerous driving in 2019, was dismissed after a $5M settlement between the two families.

It was alleged that on November 25, 2019, at Brickdam Public Road and Chalmers Place, Georgetown, Clarke drove motorcar PMM 2528 in a dangerous manner which resulted in the death of Roach.

Clarke, who at the time was the Corporate Secretary attached to the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI), was out on $700,000 bail during trial.

According to reports, on the day in question Clarke was proceeding on the northern side of the Brickdam Public Road and while approaching Chalmers Place, she turned south without stopping, thereby colliding with motorcycle CH 9436.

As a result, the motorcyclist was flung 150 feet from the point of impact, hitting a light pole on the southern side of the road and sustaining injuries about the body.

He was pronounced dead on the scene by a doctor; Clarke was subsequently arrested.

The News Room was made to understand that on Tuesday, City Magistrate Leron Daly dismissed the charge after Prosecutor Richard Harris confirmed that the police will be offering no further evidence against Clarke since the victim’s family had agreed to be compensated.

Roach’s family was represented by attorney-at-law Nigel Hughes, while Clarke was represented by attorney-at-law Dexter Smartt.

On a previous occasion, Hughes had informed the court that there was an agreement between the two families for a $5M settlement.

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