E-Networks announces a major upgrade for Business Customers as its focus on the Cloud grows

-Fiber Optic Internet services now available in more rural areas to supports businesses


E-Networks Inc. – Guyana’s only locally owned telecommunications provider – announced that it has increased its fiber-optic business service, OnFiber Business Ultimate, from 475 Mbps to 675 Mbps for the same monthly subscription fee of $29,990 (VAT inclusive).

With these faster speeds, which are among the most competitively priced in the region, local businesses can easily harness the opportunities provided by advanced technological breakthroughs such as cloud services.

Newly appointed Chief Commercial Officer of E-Networks, Abu Zaman, said that this improved access to the cloud and reliable connectivity will enable businesses to achieve a competitive edge by tapping into evolving software, services and industry platforms while managing costs, as has been shown in other developing countries.

He also indicated that E-Networks has recently secured a partnership with Microsoft as a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to support and drive cloud adoption while ensuring its customers receive the best value, options, and pricing.

This 42% speed increase is the third time in three years that the company has significantly improved its business packages and is another example of E-Networks’ commitment to supporting the business community’s ability to leverage technology for progression.

The company’s business services also support Wi-Fi 6, the next generation in wireless internet. Wi-Fi 6 emphasises better efficiency, capacity and all-around performance, allowing your network to harness the full potential of E-Networks’ internet services.

E-Networks has been setting standards as the leader in local telecommunications since the liberalization of the telecommunications sector in October 2020. The company has landed its own subsea international cable from Barbados and the first submarine fiber optic cable to Essequibo.

E-Networks’ fiber network is also continually expanding, with recently opened coverage areas in Berbice and on the Essequibo Coast. In these areas, customers can access the same speeds at the same pricing as available in Georgetown.

These moves have enabled E-Networks to deploy high-capacity fiber services, 5G and 4G Networks, across Guyana’s most densely populated areas, including rural areas, such as on the Essequibo Coast and in Berbice. These networks have increased access to faster, more reliable internet at affordable pricing to the Guyanese people. The company is also proud to continually expand its network to offer more services to more people.

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