Cashier, customers robbed by bandits in army clothing at Superbet outlet


Police are investigating the armed robbery of four persons which occurred on Thursday night at a Superbet outlet in Bladen Hall, East Coast Demerara.

Police Headquarters reported that the two perpetrators were armed with guns and one was dressed in army clothing. It is alleged that a 20-year-old female cashier went to close up the shop shutters at around 21:10hrs when one of the suspects held her at gunpoint.

She and three customers were placed to lie down on the floor and told to empty their pockets. The suspect who was dressed in the soldier uniform then approached the cashier and pointed the gun at her and told her to open the door, which she did; they took out $220,000 in cash.

The bandits also stole a black S5 Samsung Galaxy phone valued at $45,000 from a 29-year-old male; a Red A10 cellphone valued at $46,000, $46,000 in cash, a gold chain valued at $30,000, and a car key from a 49-year-old male.

They also stole a white Fielder Wagon HC 7599 valued at $2,647,000, driver’s licence, and other documents of the car belonging to a 33-year-old driver.

They escaped in the stolen car; police investigations are ongoing.


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