Grade Six children, in most cases, will attend face-to-face classes every day


As Grade Six children prepare to sit the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) tentatively in July 2022, the Chief Education Officer (CEO) Dr. Marcel Hutson has disclosed that it is likely they will attend face-to-face classes every day.

This has been decided as these children will need to ‘catch up’ on the instructional time and school work they might have missed while the pandemic forced schools to close, Dr. Hutson reasoned at a press conference on Friday.

“… we made the move for Grade Six, (that) they will be attending schools in most cases for the entire week, every day,” Dr. Hutson said.

Importantly, he noted that when these children sit the NGSA next year, they will be tested on a consolidated curriculum of work up to the Grade Five level.

Meanwhile, he also announced that 44 primary schools across Guyana will be reopened fully on September 6, when the new academic year commences since these schools have adequate social distancing requirements and safety protocols in place.

Another 413 primary schools will be operating on a rotational basis; that is, some levels will attend face-to-face classes on scheduled or specific days.

The list of which schools will reopen fully and which ones will reopen on a rotational basis will be posted on the Ministry of Education’s Facebook page.

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