Woman, 44, forces bandits’ car into trench after robbery


A 44-year-old woman of Golden Grove on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD) was robbed by three armed bandits on Friday afternoon but she chased after them and was able to recover some of the stolen items.

According to a police report, the woman returned home at around 14:45 hrs on Friday after visiting a bank located in the Diamond area. As she turned onto the bridge to enter her yard, she observed that a silver 212 motorcar, bearing the number plate PNN 6481, stopped at the back of her vehicle.

Soon after, two males, including one armed with a black handgun, approached her while a driver stayed in the vehicle. The two men demanded money from her.

It was reported that the woman tried putting up a resistance but one of the men discharged a round in her direction. Then, they took a brown envelope containing US $1500 and GY $290,000. They also stole a red IPhone XR and a multi-coloured bag containing a quantity of documents.

The suspects then returned to the car and drove away.

The woman, however, followed the car and managed to brace it with her vehicle into a nearby drain. Resultantly, one of the three men received injuries while the other two escaped on foot.

Police were subsequently summoned to the scene and managed to recover several documents, a red iPhone XR and $12,990. These are all property of the woman.

Several other items were found in the vehicle including a gold IPhone S, and a Samsung Galaxy cellphone.

After examining the vehicle with registration number PNN 6481, it was observed that registration number PTT 7930 was engraved on the front, back and four glass doors while HC 7472 was seen under the number plate.

The suspect who was apprehended with the help of public-spirited citizens was handed over to the police. He was later taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Hospital to seek medical attention.

Investigations into the matter are ongoing.

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  1. Matthew says

    Tip of the cap to this lady.. Well played!

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