Pensioner beaten, choked, robbed by knife wielding bandits


A 67-year-old pensioner of Huis ‘T’ Dieren Essequibo Coast is nursing injures about his body after he was beaten and robbed by two knife-wielding bandits in the wee hours of Saturday.

Police said the victim locked and secured his house and retired to bed at around 19:00hrs; he left his XR red and black motorcycle CK 8430 valued at $500,000 in the kitchen area and a handbag containing $300,000 on a chair.

At around 03:00 hrs, the victim felt someone choking him and a knife being placed to his neck; the suspects reportedly also bound his hands with wire.

Police said the victim was cuffed several times to his abdomen and then placed on his bed where the suspects then relieved him of his wristwatch and then ransacked his hose for more than half an hour.

The suspects then escaped with a cellphone valued $32,000 that was on a table, the bag containing the cash, and the motorcycle.

Police said the victim then jumped his fence and was untied by his neighbour who took him to the Suddie Hospital where he was treated and sent away.
Investigations are ongoing.

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