Bosai employee burnt to death while at company’s Linden office


Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 39-year-old Kersa Robertson, a plant operator who was observed engulfed in flames early Sunday at the Bosai Mineral Group, Republic Avenue, Mackenzie, Linden office.

Police Headquarters in a report noted that Robertson of Central Amelia’s Ward went to the workplace at around 05:50hrs; he visited the foreman’s office and later went into the compound.

Shortly after, at around 06:00hrs, other employees heard him screaming and then saw him running in the compound engulfed in flames. He later collapsed when the fire was extinguished by a colleague.

Robertson was rushed to the Linden Hospital Complex but later succumbed while receiving treatment. He sustained third and fourth-degree burns to 95 per cent of his body.

Investigators searched the area and found Robertson’s haversack and what appeared to be a burnt plastic bottle and box of Swinger matches in a small concrete structure in the company’s compound.

His body is at the Pensioners Funeral Parlour awaiting a post mortem examination.

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