Suspects hurled threats, insults at Hindu Priest & daughters before brutal beating


Police have now arrested eleven persons in connection with the brutal beating to death of Crabwood Creek Hindu Priest 60-year-old Rishi Bharrat known as ‘Haribole.’

Investigators have so far discovered that prior to the murder which occurred on Saturday night in front of the Priest’s Lot 10 Grant 1806 Crabwood Creek, Region Six (East-Berbice Corentyne) residence, the group of men harassed his daughters by hurling sexual remarks and insults and even threatened to rape and kill them.

At the time of the incident, the men were imbibing opposite the Priest’s house and were behaving in a lewd manner and so he decided to confront them and asked them to remove from the area. This escalated into an argument and the group of men reportedly pounced on the Priest and severely beat him with pieces of wood.

His wife, Jasma Bharrat, told the News Room that it has become a habit for the men to gather at the location and imbibe and harass her daughters. The distraught wife said her husband made reports to the police in the past.

Senior officers of the Guyana Police Force speak with the victim’s wife and one of his daughters

“This is a regular thing they go on with; they normally gather there, sit on the ground and on the bridge and drink. He would normally go out and try to clear them off.

“We had contacted the police several times in the past and they showed up but the men always keep coming back and threatening him and my daughters and me that they would double bank him and kill him, rape them girls or burn the house down,” the grieving wife told the News Room.

On Saturday night, however, the Priest earlier spoke to the men from his window and asked them to remove from the area but they paid him no mind.

According to the wife, her husband then contacted the police but after they failed to show up, he decided to confront the group of drunk men when he met his demise.

Bharrat leaves to mourn his wife and four children.

On Sunday, senior officers of the Guyana Police Force visited the family and expressed condolences as they pledged justice will be served.

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  1. Matthew says

    Bring back hanging… is the proper way to deal with this type of crime. It is final and it is definite. Not one of the 10 men will ever commit a crime again…….

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