COVID-19: Fmr. Chief Magistrate dies while waiting for wheelchair at GPHC


Cecil Sullivan, a former acting Chief Magistrate, died on Monday while he was waiting on a wheelchair to be taken into the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

According to a relative who wished to remain anonymous, the 88-year- old tested positive for the disease COVID-19 last week. Since then, he was at home in self-isolation. The relative told the News Room that the man had received only one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Earlier on Monday, however, the relative said that the man was “feeling weak”. As a result, his wife called a COVID-19 hotline and was told to take him to the hospital.

Because of his COVID-19 infection, when he arrived at the hospital, he was told to go to the hospital’s East Street entrance where a COVID-19 triage facility has been established.

While there, however, Sullivan was too weak to walk into the facility. As such, relatives who accompanied him had to search for a porter who could transport him in a wheelchair.

The relative said that the family searched the compound twice but porters were not immediately found. Subsequently, Sullivan passed away while still in his vehicle.

It is unclear at this time what caused his death. The relative said that the hospital promised to investigate the matter.

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  1. Matthew says

    Is anybody still protesting Vaccinations…….Lampy? Pampy, Kiskadie? Primus? Anyone? Where is screeching Caroline when we need she?

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