Gold miner caught with unmarked shotguns


Elvis Bartolo Pacheco, a 56-year-old Venezuelan national and gold miner, was arrested on Monday after two shotguns – a 12- gauge and a 16-gauge – were found in his possession at Black Banana Access Trail, North West District in Region One.

Police Headquarters in a statement said ranks on patrol carried out a search at about 13:30hrs on Pacheco when the firearms were discovered.

The shotguns found by the police (Photo released by the Guyana Police Force)

“A search was conducted on Pacheco during which ranks found a 12-gauge single-barrel shotgun without serial number and a 16-gauge single-barrel shotgun without serial number with the butt sawn off and wrapped in a transparent plastic,” the police report stated.

Police said Pacheco was arrested and taken to the Matthew’s Ridge Police Station.   The firearms were marked, sealed and lodged. Investigations are ongoing.

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